Privacy Policy

The following terms are covered by the (Privacy Policy), so please read them

1- Collection and retention of personal data that you dealt with, provided to us, displayed or modified: such as name, address

Ship to you, your email address, phone number, date of birth or other personally identifiable information

2- If you post any of your personal data: on any part of the site except “My Account”, or share it with

Other users, this may expose you to fraud or theft of your identity, and is considered a violation of this agreement, and therefore the management of the site is not responsible for protecting the confidentiality of your personal data, and this may cause action to be taken against your membership of the site.

3- The management of has the right to keep your personal data: during and after you have finished using the site.

4- The administration of has the right to share some of your personal data: with any company that performs

Services for us (such as fulfilling orders, delivering packages, sending mail and email, analyzing customer data, submitting

Marketing services, making credit card payments, investigating fraud, conducting customer studies and presenting

Customer service or other similar services) in the context of carrying out their tasks only.

5- The administration of has the full right to analyze the personal information that it collects and analyzes for statistical and marketing purposes.